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IFSC Code of Canara Bank Branches in India

Canara Bank branches are located in the following Indian states and territories. Choose a state to view list of branches and get Canara Bank IFSC codes along with the details of MICR codes, branch codes and addresses etc. In order to find Canara Bank IFSC codes quickly, use our IFSC code finder tool above.

Canara Bank IFSC Code

IFSC, short for Indian Financial System Code is a 11-digit alphanumeric code that acts as unique identification for all bank branches which participate in a regulated electronic fund transfer platform. These include but are not limited to national payment settlement protocols like the Immediate Payment System (IMPS), Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) and National Electronic Fund Transfer (NEFT) which are regulated by the rule-making body for the banking sector, the erstwhile Reserve Bank of India (RBI). In layman’s terms, the IFSC code is acts as a specific identifier for all bank accounts along with the account number of that bank account. While the account number is an identifier for the bank account of a person, the IFSC code acts as an identifier for the branch where that bank account is registered. When a payment is initiated in any of these platforms, the IFSC code pinpoints the bank branch and the account number points out the specific account among all the accounts registered in that branch.

Canara Bank IFSC code

In addition to the accuracy and efficiency that the IFSC code lends to the process of electronic fund transfer it also serves the vital function of assisting the Reserve Bank in seamlessly tracking the financial transactions taking place in the country and identifying incongruencies and possible malpractices. This 11-digit code follows a standard predefined format, for example in Canara Bank IFSC code CNRB0003510, the first four alphabets ‘CNBR’ indicate the name of the bank, this is followed by a ‘0’ that is reserved for future use and the final six characters act as a unique code that corresponds to the bank branch in question.

Canara Bank IFSC Code List

Given below is the list of Canara Bank IFSC code of most viewed branches


IFSC: CNRB0004095


Branch Code : 004095, MICR : 721015051, Location: Kasba,Ward No 1,Opp,Lions' Club School... Medinipur West Bengal , Pin code - 721429


IFSC: CNRB0005173


Branch Code : 005173, MICR : 721015805, Location: Canara Bank,Vill And Po Bala ... Medinipur West Bengal , Pin code - 721201


IFSC: CNRB0001218


Branch Code : 001218, MICR : 636015004, Location: Pb No.655, 114, Chamundi Street... Salem Tamil Nadu , Pin code - 636006


IFSC: CNRB0001052


Branch Code : 001052, MICR : 628015995, Location: 3/154, Church Street, ... Toothukudi Tamil Nadu , Pin code - 628702


IFSC: CNRB0005093


Branch Code : 005093, MICR : 202015070, Location: Canara Bank,Vill Po & Block-Jawan... Aligarh Uttar Pradesh , Pin code - 202122


IFSC: CNRB0000288


Branch Code : 000288, MICR : 761015995, Location: Ram Mandir Road, , Patrapur ... Ganjam Odisha , Pin code - 761004


IFSC: CNRB0000244


Branch Code : 000244, MICR : 204015053, Location: Sikandra Road, Kachora ... Hathras Uttar Pradesh , Pin code - 204211


IFSC: CNRB0002662


Branch Code : 002662, MICR : 274015001, Location: 33,I Floor,Civil Lines... Deoria Uttar Pradesh , Pin code - 274001


IFSC: CNRB0003368


Branch Code : 003368, MICR : 752015102, Location: Canara Bank,Khandapada Road... Nayagarh Odisha , Pin code - 752069


IFSC: CNRB0003878


Branch Code : 003878, MICR : 151015202, Location: Canara Bank, 7/112,Bank Bazar... Bathinda Punjab , Pin code - 151301


Canara Bank

Canara Bank is undoubtedly one of the largest among the banks operating in the public sector in India. Though it was established in Mangalore in 1906 by prominent philanthropist Subba Rao Pai, it was later nationalized by the government in the year of 1969 along with a series of other banks. Today the bank had grown its operations significantly both in the domestic and international markets. In the domestic front the bank has a huge network of 6,639 branches and 10,600 ATM’s (Automated Teller Machines) while primarily operating from its headquarters in Bangalore. On the international front the bank has opened offices in string of international commercial centers like London, New York, Hong Kong, Moscow, Shanghai, Dubai, South Africa etc. From its small origins as a permanent fund in Mangalore in 1906, Canara Bank has expanded its range of services significantly till date, it services today are not only limited to consumer banking and commercial banking but include investment banking, asset management, venture capital, mortgages and credit cards. These allied financial services are however provided to customers through a series of subsidiaries like Canfin Homes Ltd., Canbank Venture Capital Fund Ltd., Canbank Financial Services Ltd., Canara Bank Securities Ltd. and Canara Robeco Asset Management Company Ltd. In addition to the above the bank offers specialized rural banking services through regional banks such as Kerala Gramin Bank and Pragathi Krishna Gramin Bank. It also offers UPI (Unified Payment Interface) services through the software application ‘Empower’.

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