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IFSC Code of Andhra Bank Branches in India

Andhra Bank branches are located in the following Indian states and territories. Choose a state to view list of branches and get Andhra Bank IFSC codes along with the details of MICR codes, branch codes and addresses etc. In order to find Andhra Bank IFSC codes quickly, use our IFSC code finder tool above.

Andhra Bank IFSC Code

In layman’s terms, IFSC code which is short for Indian Financial System Code is an identifier that is used to pinpoint a particular branch in the country. The bank branches are designated with these codes to facilitate their participation in electronic fund settlement options like Immediate Payment System (IMPS), Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) and National Electronic Fund Transfer (NEFT). When a transfer of funds is attempted, the account number and IFSC code is to be provided. The IFSC codes confirms that the incoming money to an account is being received by the right account and prevents erroneous transactions. Further even the National Clearance Cell of the RBI utilizes the IFSC to monitor electronic transfers to ensure its smooth functioning. The IFSC codes are available either on documents like the bank passbook or can be checked from the website of the bank.

Andhra Bank IFSC code

These codes have a certain fixed structure. This can be seen in a sample Andhra Bank IFSC code, ANDB0000377. In this alphanumeric code, the first part contains four alphabets. These alphabets ANDB stand for the name of the bank i.e. Andhra Bank. The next part is made up of a single zero that is set aside for any prospective use in the future. These two parts are common to all IFSC codes of Andhra Bank. Finally, the last six digits form the unique part of the code that points out one branch among the 2,803 branches.

Andhra Bank IFSC Code List

Given below is the list of Andhra Bank IFSC code of most viewed branches


IFSC: ANDB0002003


Branch Code : 002003, MICR : 209011002, Location: Hno 1/65, Bajaria Aliganj Chauraha... Farrukhabad Uttar Pradesh , Pin code - 209601


IFSC: ANDB0000110


Branch Code : 000110, MICR : 533011624, Location: Draksharama, East Godavari... East Godavari Andhra Pradesh , Pin code - 533262


IFSC: ANDB0001583


Branch Code : 001583, MICR : 505011008, Location: D. No. 3-1-389, Tukkarao Complex... Karimnagar Andhra Pradesh , Pin code - 505001


IFSC: ANDB0000143


Branch Code : 000143, MICR : 520011663, Location: Main Road Ghantasala... Krishna Andhra Pradesh , Pin code - 521133


IFSC: ANDB0002851


Branch Code : 002851, MICR : 824011002, Location: First Floor,Ganga Complex... Aurangabad Bihar , Pin code - 824101


IFSC: ANDB0000790


Branch Code : 000790, MICR : 534011704, Location: Narsapur Mandal, West Godavari Dist... West Godavari Andhra Pradesh , Pin code - 534275


IFSC: ANDB0001671


Branch Code : 001671, MICR : 144011253, Location: 4,New Model Town, Kanjli Road... Kapurthala Punjab , Pin code - 144601


IFSC: ANDB0001306


Branch Code : 001306, MICR : 500011096, Location: 9-4-87/55,Iqbal Arcade, Toli Chowk X Roads... Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh , Pin code - 500008


IFSC: ANDB0000776


Branch Code : 000776, MICR : 505011662, Location: Distt Karimnagar, Chigurumamidi... Karimnagar Andhra Pradesh , Pin code - 505467


IFSC: ANDB0002745


Branch Code : 002745, MICR : 600011073, Location: No 96,Old No 4,Th Road... Chennai Tamil Nadu , Pin code - 600118


Andhra Bank

Andhra Bank is one of the public-sector banks providing banking and allied financial services in India, Founded by political leader and independence activist Pattabhi Sitaramayya in the year 1923 in the city of Machilipatnam, Andhra Pradesh and later shifter its head-quarters to the capital city of Hyderabad after the formation of states on a linguistic basis. The bank then merged into itself the Bharat Lakshmi Bank in 1964 to expand its operations. The bank was then taken over by the government in later years as part of the bank nationalization program of the 1980’s. The bank has since its inception evolved into a medium-sized bank today with over 2,803 branches and close to 3,636 ATM’s (Automated Teller Machines) located all over the country. In addition to these it also provides services to consumers through 38 satellite offices and 4 extension counters. In terms of operations abroad, it has offices in the cities of New Jersey, Dubai and Kuala Lumpur, all of which have a high concentration of people of Indian-origin.It holds the reputation of being the banking pioneer responsible for the introduction of credit cards in India back in the year 1981. It offers services like consumer banking, corporate banking, private banking, wealth management and insurance. It provides insurance services through a JV known as India First Life Insurance Company. It holds assets worth INR 2,22,126 crores or USD 35 billion and has a revenue stream of about INR 18,027 crore or USD 2.8 billion. A London based publication ‘The Banker’ has placed the bank among the Top 1000 Banks in the world based on Tier 1 capital.

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